{{{type}}} by The Parselmouths
Released 8 January 2008
Label Cheap Rent
Broken Hearted Slytherins is the second album released by The Parselmouths. It consists entirely of songs from their extended play, Illegal Love Potion.

Track listingEdit

# Title Length
1. "It's Not Half Bad (Remix)"   2:02
2. "Myrtle's Always There"   3:03
3. "Love Song for Professor Lupin"   3:11
4. "Quidditch is My Favorite Sport"   2:52
5. "Prerequisites"   3:21
6. "Who Are These Boyz?"   3:37
7. "Who is Blaise Zabini?"   2:05
8. "Oh Dumbledore"   2:01

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