Hawthorn & Holly are a pop punk wizard rock band.  Started in 2007, these wizards hail from Charlotte, North Carolina.  Leah Schroeder and Christie Mowery weave gorgeous harmonies with Eddie Mowery on guitars, while Dave Beaucar of Bristol, Connecticut slaps his amazing bass. Dave previously was a guitarist for Bella and Lestrangers and George's Left Ear.  Tracy Pennington was previously the bassist, but left the band in 2010.  Most of the time when they play with a full band, Stacy Pisani of Swish and Flick, Brice Cone of Neville's Diary, or Jarrod from Gred and Forge

            They have established themselves as a fixture in the wizard rock community, performing as featured artists at Misti Con, Wrockstock, New York Wrock Festival, and Camp 9 3/4. More recently they have expanded their reach to other fandom conventions on the east coast such as Dragon Con, Stellar Con, ConCarolinas, Illogicon, and the Charlotte Geek Gala.

            Their albums on iTunes include “Jinxed in the Head” and “Our Friends Are Wizards,” and their first Christmas album “Christmas Magic” is featured on Bandcamp. In 2016, they came out with a live album from DragonCon.   You might catch them playing songs about Doctor Who and The Hunger Games, in addition to other fandom songs. Don't be surprised to find yourself dancing and singing along to their fun and infectious music, and falling in love with their ballads as well.

            Hawthorn & Holly are the wands of Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter in the book, but in this band stands for the joining of light and dark to create music that appeals to the Slytherin in us all, but also shows that nothing is greater than the power of friendship.

Twitter: @hawthornholly


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At Wrockstock

  • Lenoir Rhyne University Potterfest
  • Christie as Molly Weasley in the Final Battle by Lena Gabrielle
  • Cover of My Friends are Wizards album
  • Band Lineup in 2007-2010
  • H&H at the Sidewalk Cafe, NY
  • Dragon Con 2015!
  • Misti Con 2015