Kristina Horner is a YouTube celebrity best known for all five the band All Caps, her colab work with YouTube celebrities, her Harry Potter music saga calb work, being Luke Conard's ex girlfriend, and Being in the Band The Parselmouths.

Kristina Horner collab Songs with The Ministry of MagicEdit

  • Lily
  • House song
  • Goodbye Private Drive
  • Orchideous Symphony
  • O Holey Night

Kristina Horner collab Songs with Jason MundayEdit

  • Feel The Song

Kristina Horner collab Songs with Luke ConardEdit

  • World Of Warcraft Ruined My Life
  • Saved
  • Trainers In Love
  • Real or not Real
  • Your Song
  • Can't
  • You Kissed Me At The Dundies
  • Happy
  • Lumos Files
  • Christmas Wish
  • Don't Unplug Me
  • Summer Of '09
  • Delete You
  • Hey Kristina
  • The Nanowrimo Song

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