{{{type}}} by The Parselmouths
Released 7 July 2008
Label Cheap Rent
Pretty in Pink (and Green) is the third album released by The Parselmouths. It was the first album to include new band member Eia Waltzer (a Gryffindor), and this was the subject of the song "We Let a Gryffindor in the Band".

Track listingEdit

# Title Length
1. "We Let a Gryffindor in the Band"   2:02
2. "Freaking Ask Me to the Yule Ball"   2:33
3. "Heartbreaker"   2:47
4. "What Kind of Name is Hermione?"   2:08
5. "Black Family Anthem"   3:17
6. "We Belong Together"   2:28
7. "My Obsession"   3:23
8. "Voldemort Fan Girl"   2:57
9. "This is Never Going to End"   2:18
10. "The Parselmouths' Fun Song (Bonus)"   1:07

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