{{{type}}} by The Parselmouths
Released 21 May 2009
Label Cheap Rent
Spattergroit is the fourth album released by The Parselmouths. It was the first album released after band member Brittany Vahlberg left the band to get married, and later moved away. To date, it is the last album The Parselmouths have released, and it is unknown if Kristina and Eia are still recording, though it is unlikely.

Track listingEdit

# Title Length
1. "Spattergroit"   2:52
2. "Being a Veela is Easy"   2:32
3. "Dear Diary"   2:48
4. "Please Harry"   3:46
5. "I'm So Bored"   4:20
6. "Luna's Paintings"   3:53
7. "Durmstrang Boy"   3:07
8. "The In Between"   3:45
9. "The Day I Met a Snake"   3:10
10. "Ssss Sss Ssss"   3:13

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