Studio album by The Parselmouths
Released October 2006
Language English
Label Cheap Rent
The Parselmouths chronology
Broken Hearted Slytherins
Sssss is The Parselmouths' debut album. It was released in October 2006.

Track listingEdit

# Title Length
1. "Hey Guys (Intro)"   0:34
2. "The Parselmouths Say Hello"   1:00
3. "Being in Slytherin is Not Half Bad"   2:31
4. "Eat Slugs"   1:47
5. "Kicking House Elves"   4:11
6. "Daddy's Tattoo"   1:45
7. "Life's Unfair"   2:53
8. "Two Classes"   3:40
9. "Let's Get Hagrid Fired"   2:52
10. "What Kind of Name is Hermione?"   1:53
11. "Shut Down SPEW"    
12. "When You're a Parselmouth"   1:54
13. "I've Been Dead for Fifty Years"   2:03
14. "Hermione (acoustic)"   2:21


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