Welcome to Wizard Rock
Studio album by Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls
Released 21 November 2006
Language English
Label AnEndOfSorts Records
Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls chronology
Welcome to Wizard Rock
Back for the Fight
Welcome to Wizard Rock is a 2006 LP released by Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls. It featured the original versions of favourites such as "End of an Era" and "Mischief Managed".

Track listingEdit

Note: the first track is only included on the physical CD.

# Title Length
1. "Chapter 1: So It Begins ..."    
2. "We Are the DA"   4:54
3. "Get On the Bus"   3:57
4. "Dumbledore's Song"   5:20
5. "Trio in Trouble"   5:35
6. "Hermione's Song (You & Me)"   3:46
7. "Mischief Managed"   4:11
8. "Oh Ginny!"   5:00
9. "The Boy Who Lived"   4:20
10. "Hogsmeade Hop"   4:22
11. "End of an Era"   6:15
12. "Requiem of a Love Misguided (bonus)"   6:04

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